A detailed account of self-loathing
by Ahojus Zaid


Crushed Soul is a look inside the mind of a self-destructive man as he loses all hope. Emotionally raw, violent, and profane, this is not a book for the easily offended. Over sixty separate pieces across 4 sections range from Bukowski-esque minimalist poetry to transgressive flash fiction.


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Alcoholics don't really die of alcohol poisoning. Maybe the stupid kids who just didn't know better, but not the real alcoholics. A real alcoholic dies of a broken heart. Of loneliness. Of depression. Because somebody never really loved them, or because nobody was there when they really needed someone. The drinking, that's just a symptom. That's just a sign that it hurts too much to be sober. One day, the point comes when the alcohol just doesn't help enough, when the body can't handle enough alcohol to forget; when nature finally admits that death is the only release from their living hell.

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